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Politikal Rivet


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Nachtschicht in der Hassfabrik=
\\ [-- The Politikal Rivet --] //
-MaschinenLife Programm Extreme!-

[--Wir sind menschlich, wir haben Maschine.
[--We are human, we have Maschine.

"Wir alle sind besessen - We all are posessed
Wir alle sind verflucht - We all are damned
Wir alle sind gekreuzigt - We all are crucified
Und alle sind kaputt - And all is broken
Von Reiztechnologie - By attractive technology
Von Zeitekonomie - By economy of time
Von qualitaet das Lebens - By quality of life
Und Kriegsphilosophie - And philosophy of war"
~Laibach - Tanz mit Laibach

"A transmission through time and space
Right into the core of my heart
A message sent by maschines of time
A prophecy of a new start
The total collapse of our past
Disappearance of morality
The old time tunnel will explode
For a new life in infinity"

This is a community for discussion and
purposes involving theory, politik,
theology, theosophy, controversy,
conspiracy, psychology, philosophy
and good ol common sense round up
into one main course meal; open for
intelligent and mature, but relaxed
exchange of ideas and thoughts.

"Der Mensch als traum - nicht Wirklichkeit
Gedankengänge kontrolliert
Das Du im Ich in Raum und Zeit:
Gefüle nach einmal installiert"

Though this community does have a more
Industrial/German theme, you may feel
free to post about and in any manner
you like and from whatever source, so
long as it consists of the topics above.

"Dies ist der Preis für Erlichkeit
Pein - die Wunde der Vergangenheit
Falsche Moral, kein Ideal
Das Zeichen das Greuels in Wort und Tat"

I personally ask that no politikal
discussion go beyond the necessary
arguments. The same for any other
subject, just especially politikal
theological, and controversial.

"Gib mir mein destillat
Gib mir mein Altagstot
Gib mir mein gnadenbrot
Zur ewigkeit
Da wird auch zweiful zein
Da wird auch zaudern sein
Da wird unglaube sein
Wie alle einsam und allein"
~Das Ich - Destillat

Obviously, the community will hold
most subjects of highly controversial
and pseudo-based nature, easily atten-
tion grabbing and misconceptant, but
I ask that you please be patient and
cooperative with each other.

You may feel free to discuss anything
to any extreme, so long as it fits the
subjects mentioned above.
...With that, please keep in mind that
even though an individual may post a
lot about a certain subject or side of
a subject, does not necessarily mean
they are of it, or in any way represen-
tative of it, unless stated otherwise,
or you kindly ask it of them.

"I plead the Fifth!"

If anyone wishes not to divulge certain
information about themselves, you as a
human being have a right to keep it un-
known and decline the request for another
to know if you so wish.

If declined, don't throw a friggin' hissy-
-fit about it, and don't come runnin' to
daddy (of the community).

"Dekaden voll Abnormität
Verstand, ein Feind des Ichs
Die Ewigkeit ein dunkler Feck
Dein Herz zerfällt für mich
Wohin führt uns dieser Krieg
Voll Schmach und Grausamkeit
Selbstverachtung ein Leben weit
Gefangen in Maschine Zeit"

But, if you do have any questions you
would like to ask, or any other reason
to consult me (stalking not permitted)
you may find me in the above link.

"...For a new life in infinity..."

(All lyrics - Funker Vogt - Maschine Zeit;
[accept for those right before and after
Politikal Rivet name - And One - Nachtschicht
in der Hassfabrik, as well as lyriks from
Laibach's "Tanz mit Laibach", and Das Ich's
"Destillat" as labeled])