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A host is a host, afterall...

So, some of you may even feel a little abandoned (well, those who still visit this digital/silicon ghost-town of a community) as my last entry in here was nearly two years ago, and I have not bothered to check-up or comment on those other individuals who have visited. Sometimes a hiatus is necessary to grow along one's journey, leaving room for enlightenment.

So first, my apologies... yes, just like in my last two-year-old entry. Mistakes can be repeated when we forget to look into the mirror of our past once in a while, deeper than a surface, shirt-term memory can serve for retrieving information. However, to completely live in the past is also futile. I live in the now with ink and blank paper, scribing the tales of today while admiring how many blank pages I have left, as I feel we all should if we wish to possess a mind-set capable of making any kind of change to this world.

While the scant topics I have seen come across this community's pages have been quite a bit different than what I originally perceived to attract, it is in this diversity unified that a strength of its own will come to a respected light, and I appreciate what you have shared. Keep an open mind and share, so long as the message holds meaning and you truly believe it... not a blind devotion like the sheeple of so many organized religions or any other great market trend... but because it makes sense to you, on a personal aesthetic level that sends that special tingle down your spine every time you experience it.

Laughter, hatred, despair, hope, anarchy, order, light, dark... whatever stirs and inspires, so long as it is sentient and holds an enlightened, intelligent, and refined view after careful consideration, is certainly welcome here. Picture, painting, sculpture, music, vibration, literature... whatever your medium, whatever your passion, keep it going.

And now, after enough reading, how about some audio/visual to stir the mind?

Miss Construction - Kunstprodukt

Du bist ein Kunstprodukt
TV makes you Superstar
Popstar, Popstar, wunderbar

Du bist so jung
Du bist so schön
Du würd's dich gern
Im Fernsehen sehen
Doch du kannst nichts
Hast kein Talent
Hast alle Chancen
bisher verpennt

Du schreibst dem Sender
Und du hast Glück
Der Sender schreibt dir
gleich zurück
Nun musst du singen
und kannst es nicht
Doch das macht ja
zum Glück heut nichts

Du bist ein Kunstprodukt
TV makes you Superstar
Popstar, Popstar, wunderbar

Ein cooles Image
bekommst du jetzt
Deine Frisur
wird gleich ersetzt
Deine Klamotten
Du magst sie nicht
Doch das kümmert
dein Manager nicht

Du bist die Puppe
in einem Spiel
Nummer eins sein
ist das Ziel
Du hast's geschafft
ein Star zu sein
Doch in drei Wochen
nimmt dieser Platz ein and'rer ein

Du bist ein Kunstprodukt
TV makes you Superstar
Popstar, Popstar, wunderbar
TV makes you Superstar
Popstar, Popstar, wunderbar

One of a variety of SORP Films endeavors, though more of a comic relief, Emo Assault Squadron :

And finally, a remake of the original song (and their own symbolic video version) of "Land of Confusion" by Disturbed :

I look forward to your future entries, even if I may not always be around to monitor... but in that, take it from one who has well-learned the lesson in childhood, no one will always be there for you; so learn now to be as self-reliant as you can, for you never know who YOU may have to watch after, or who may return the favor.

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