raven (ravenshadow666) wrote in politikalrivet,

I Cannot Watch Anymore

I cannot stand watching anymore of the Hurricane Katrina Aftermath coveratge on the television anymore. It isn't just the devestation that is shown all over the Gulf coast. It is the fact that I need to be reminded constantly that the ENTIRE system is incompetent. Everyone failed. Both on the Local and nation level have screwed up royally. And I have to hear your president, I say 'your' because I did not vote for him. But I have to hear the president say that we will succeed. Succeed in what? We failed already. The S.S. Success has sailed away and isn't set to return to port for a long time. Just put on the fighter pilot costume and act like you are doing something.
What is worse is that no one knows who to blame. Governors, FEMA, or the top of the ladder, George Bush. Blame all. Everyone should have had a plan, especially for a city that is way below sea level.
I would love to think that race had no factor in the search and rescue operations but unfortunately I think race has shown it's ugly head. Here is evidence that shows that. I read in the paper, not this, where it showed a black person with two bags of food and a six pack of Coca-Cola and they labeled him a "Looter" in the article. Then underneath, they showed a white couple in the same situation. It says they "found" those items. Apparently the food and supplies fell off a truck somewhere in the French Quarter. This is the twenty-first century. We should not have to deal with race anymore when we have more important problems to deal with. Like Osama Bin Laden trying to kill us.
I do bet if it was Boston or L.A. People would have acted a lot quicker instead of five dies as people starve and suffer in Football statiums and convention centers. I don't mind the fact that the presidnet waited seven minutes before acting on September 11th. But almost a week is inexcusible. He should have been one of the first to arrive. Who came to New Orleans first? Shreveport, and that is pretty much near the border of Texas. And they were the only ones there before everyone else acted. A plan should have been formed three days before that storm hit the gulf coast sending that region to a new level of destruction that has never been witnessed before.
Here is my idea on how to help. You know those soldiers in Iraq who are fighting "post war" battles? Bring them home. Send them to the effected areas. And let them truly be heroes to this country.
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