raven (ravenshadow666) wrote in politikalrivet,

Right to Fuck

Since I rarely do actual Politikal Rivet. I decided to make this entry worth the read. Key word entry, not copying and pasting little stupid articles and putting it on here. STOP THAT!!! Speak your fucking mind you stupid shits!!! Now that I pissed off half of Politikal Rivet. Lets get started.

Fuck Bush
Fuck Cheney
Fuck his entire administration
And fuck this entire government

I am tired of watching this shell of a democracy turn into a dictatorship. But unfortunately I cannot do shit cuz would be considered a threat. Will someone please find a way to revive John Wilkes Booth? I'm sure he'd be glad to do some work. Bush has sent this country to hell. AND HE WON'T ADMIT HE IS WRONG?! Everyone and their mother admits that we fucked up in Iraq but not this oil sucker. He claims we are defending our freedom, fighting the enemy in their own country so we don't have to fight them on our soil. Here is a wake-up call for all of you Pubic Hair fans out there. He doesn't give a shit about your freedom, my freedom, or the freedom of anyone in this nation. He just wants to fill his pockets with as much money as he possibly can before Iraq blows up their oil wells. If I read my constitution correctly, there is a little thing in there that allows the American people to overthrow their govenrment when they feel it is becoming too corrupt with power. Well since I don't want a war, overthrowing is a bad idea. But we can remove the President by majority vote. This is a democracy right? Then we should be able to say we are pissed off and he failed miserably so he must be fired. Remember in school they told us that the president works for the PEOPLE!! WE ARE THE BOSS!! So we have the verdict to throw him on his oil fucking ass and send him back to Conneticut, NOT TEXAS. Everyone thinks he is from Texas. No he just happened to be Governor of Texas, and he lives in Crawford where he spends more time than at Washington where he is supposed to be working. I am from Texas and this asshole is not from Texas. I love hearing him talk about joining the National Guard so we can defend our country when we are needed. Well here is a secret that they don't want you to know. The National Guard when Bush was in there is so much different than is is now. When he was in it, it was a way to get out of the fight. Now it sends you straight to the front line. Ask anyone who was in the Guard back in Vietnam. You know the other war that we didn't need to fight.

So to sum this up.
Fight, Voice your opinion to the powers that be in Washington. Let them know how you feel. Remember, if California can have a recall and replace their governor with ARNOLD, we can replace this shit with hmmmm George Carlin. There is your fucking president. Guarenteed to tell shit how it is.
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