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In Canada...

    The same neoConservatives who control the American Government and are drawing closer to forcing an election in Canada. 

    If an election happens here, I'll still support the federal Liberals.  Even after the sponsoship scandal, the idiotic coup d'état that cost them Jean Chrétien, and the inept way that they handled the last election, I'd still prefer to have them in office. 

    Not because I want them in office; because given the choice between an honest thief and a bunch of religious fundies, I'd rather deal with the thief.  At least the thief is aware that what he is doing is in some way wrong.  The fundies tend to think that they are doing right, which makes them far more dangerous. 

    As if to prove me correct...  THIS showed up in the news today. 

    Still like your healthcare to be accountable to taxpayers instead of a corporate board of directors? 
    You've two options at this point.  Help keep the Conservatives out of office.  Or move to Sweden. 
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