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You know, stupidity really should be PAINFUL!

just take a look at this SHIT.

Does anyone else see a HUGE problem with this picture? For one, I couldn't believe it until I read the fine print under the photograph over and over, making sure the person was the killer. Headline begins containing the word "Nazi", and then later interviewed people labelled the kid "Goth" ... followed by a description of wearing a white wife-beater.

Okay, people... have we forgotten all our education about the little-less-than-a-century-ago happenings at Auschwitz? Nazis hated not only people of different ethnic groups, but also anyone who followed any kind of "alternative lifestyle", such as "Goth".

In these terms, it used to be that Nazi + Goth = CANNOT CO-EXIST!!!!

Secondly, I think the blame pointing towards "Goth" started getting old when Columbine happened. I don't think I hear people talking about a skinny, pale person dressed in fishnets and tons of makeup being much of a threat; except maybe to the fashion police. And all of the sudden, trenchcoats become a symbol of warning rather than fashion, no matter if they are too form-fitting to the body to hide anything. For example, you could easily hide several pistols in those baggy sports jackets you see everywhere... but we've suddenly forgotten all about people killing each other in the projects, now haven't we?

Lastly, I believe this physical attack gave the press of the general public just the "weapon" they wanted to launch an attack against those who are searching for a comfortable individuality within an alternative lifestyle, at least until they mature a bit more. Where do you think you're going to get by oppressing everyone their right to a comfortable fashion? It'll get you a whole lot more of these angry, disturbed fucktards blowing away schools more often.

And lastly, just because someone draws a skeleton does not mean they are going to kill someone. They could be drawing pink ponys one day, and decide they hate life enough to take a few to hell with them the following day.

This has been Schtomp-stamped IDIOTIC.
These people need a good curb-kissing under my boot.
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