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A Call to Arms

The Agents of SORP : "Knowing is Half the Battle...the other half is the brutal slaughter of all who oppose you."

That's right bitches.
Something new and improved to infest your every orifice and love it.

We're back, and tapping your girlfriend's ass so hard her mother will climax.

See this suit?
It's gonna push your shit in.
See these boots?
They're made of ass - KICKED ASS!

Old people. Gone.
Drive-through orders. Correct.

And several other awesome quotes you shall read on the website itself from site designer Lord Dragan Kasimir and Agents of SORP Imperial Overlord Zachary Byron Helm.

So, fellow Agents and Operatives, it's time to dust off your old gear, get the stains out of your nurse uniforms, and get ready to put the stupid back in their place and look goddamn good in the process!

Agent Sage, signing off for now.

-=End Transmission=-
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