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Patriotism in General...

Many of you may find it odd that I do not post in my own Lj community here very often... not the best host I am afraid, but I do give you a palette on which to share your mediums. You may find it more odd still that when I post, it usually has nothing to do with current events, but that more of a larger picture-perspective and how the world affects us.

For example, this is an entry from my personal journal that I had meant to post in here, but with the mountain of other events in my life, I am left to say the classic "better late than never" line. :

"I just thought I'd mention this little observation...

After recently listening to the Hunt for Red October theme and listening to the Russian Soviet Anthem (separate music entities, btw), I realized that honestly, with an anthem that really sounds like it represents something worth standing up for, and not some song that begins by asking a Hispanic guy if he can see at dawn ("Ohh say..." sounds like Jose, if you didn't catch that), wouldn't it encourage us more-so to feel something more of a connection to our country and unity with our people?

Perhaps the comedian George Carlin was right in calling it the "pussification" of this country's way of life.

Seriously... I don't follow any set political affiliation (actually, when I recently took a few tests for political affiliation, they turned out what is known as "Centerist" or otherwise a balanced belief between economy, social issues, etc.) but for some reason I find the old Russian Soviet Anthem to feel more inspiring when heard than our lame red-white-and-blue yankee-doodle bullshit melody. Then again, at the time it was made into a melody, we WERE still under heavy British influence... at least we don't have the limp arms or odd sense of humor, but we did at least take the good parts of their cuisine.

Again, this is not to say I believe in Communist ways of life or feel a patriotism towards Russia, but the impact a powerful national anthem can by its mere sound could mean the difference between unity and chaos with a careless attitude.

Oh, and by the way - N-U-C-L-E-A-R.

Thank you."

I could go on into other personal beliefs as for what philosophers I believe have the right idea (Nietzsche, Freud [without all the weird repressed sexuality part], Hitler before he hit complete insanity [and was quite the sharp-dresser], etc.) but I shall save that for another entry. And if you can't even read those names without cringing, then this community is not for you.

Until then, I look forward to what other scant entries you all have to share, along with your views.
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